deep biotech

science and knowledge

We make high quality products derived from fruits and algae.

We undertake research and development work, establish production systems and develop focused marketing for highly specific extracts from natural sources.

CEO David Brown has an honours degree in Biochemistry from University of Otago, New Zealand. He has significant Food Technology experience in world class manufacturing facilities while working closely with customers to ensure product functionality and quality were always delivered.

He has lived in Europe and Asia for a number of years before relocating back  to New Zealand in 2012.

location and source quality

Our raw materials are all from high quality sources where quality is assured through all production stages.

We meet all local and in-country food quality standards.

the next small thing 

We are continually looking for the next insight or smart product to focus research on. If you have a demand or need a biotech product commercialised, we have the production connections and access to world class technology to make this work.

our focus in asia

We have extensive links and local knowledge in Hong Kong, China and Singapore especially around marketing and new product development opportunities